Living Holistically in a Residential Care Home

living-holistically-in-a-residential-care-homeSome seniors hesitate to live in a senior care facility for many reasons. Some think that living in a residential care home would mean the end of their independent lives. This is not necessarily true. In a care facility like Terrace Gardens, our senior residents can still live independently and holistically but with the supervision and care that they need to be safe and healthy. 

Here are some benefits that our senior residents at our adult facility in Grand Terrace, California can enjoy:

  • Mobility Assistance

    Many seniors are at risk of falls when they live alone in their homes. Our personal care services help assist seniors with their daily routines and activities. With the right support, seniors can be productive and active.

  • Healthy Meals

    One of the common worries of family members is whether their senior loved one is eating well when the latter lives alone. Part of our services for elderly care in California is meal planning and preparation with diet monitoring.

  • Socialization

    Seniors can feel lonely and bored when living alone in their homes. Living in a care home with a supportive community and care provider can help them be socially active. Being and relating with others can lift their mood and lessen their risk of being depressed.

Our brand of compassionate care means using a holistic approach in providing our services. Feel free to visit or message us for more information about our services.

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