Testimonials From Clients

Client Testimonials in Grand Terrace, California

Here are some of the testimonials submitted by clients at Terrace Gardens. It is such an honor to receive your appreciation. Your testimonials will inspire us to always be dependable when it comes to your senior care and assisted living needs.


Dear Dekki:

On behalf of our entire family, I want to thank you, and the entire staff at the Terrace Gardens boarding care facility, for providing a safe and professional place for our father, Irving, to be placed as he needed so much additional care. Assisted Living organizations are good for a multitude of people but are not for everyone. Such was the case of our dad. In additional to your boarding care facility providing living necessities and trips to the various doctors, lunch out was certainly an added function that made him feel glad.

Your philosophy on extended care with helping as opposed to doing until the time comes for more direct involvement, mixed with the atmosphere of respect and letting patients feel like residents, is the right path. Whether it is dressing, bathing, or taking medicine, I would agree that helping is the key. The is your mission and it suits you well.

From the very first tour that our brother Dave took with Reyna Escobar from the SDA Conference, we knew that placing Dad there was the right thing to do as all of us live in the Eastern United States. Resembling a home and working with Hospice organizations, is a winning combination. He had desired to remain in the local area so that decision gave him an additional two years of living and loving life right up to his journey to be called home last December 27th.

Dekki, please rest assured that if asked about local facilities for loved ones, I and the family would recommend the Terrace Gardens and your staff without hesitation. Feel free to show this letter as an endorsement for your entire organization.

As always, may God bless you, your staff, and the entire organization as you are truly doing the Lord’s work.

Richard Thomton


Dear Dekki, Yolanda & Staff:

Thank you for providing a “home” for my mother, Mary H. Romero even though it was for a short time. I appreciate all the love, care and support you all gave her. Her room was very cheerful and bright. Your whole house is warm and welcoming. She also enjoyed the homecooked meals. I continue to pray to God to help me make the right choices for my mom so she can continue living her remaining years with love, comfort and stimulations. May God continue to bless you to continue your endeavors to help others. I always enjoyed my time there when I went to visit my mom. I will miss you both, Yoka, Reze, Net, Siska, Tomasita and the other ladies. I may visit from time to time. I enjoyed my conversations with Dekki.

Mary Helen Mills

April 20, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

My mother resides ar the RCFE Terrace Gardens. She has been there for about two months. In that time, I have seen many positive things at the facility.

The staff at Terrace Gardens is wonderful. They care about the patients. They often hug them and speak very lovingly to them. They accompany them at meal time and encourage them to eat.

Terrace Gardens is very well kept. There is no odor in the home, and it is bright and airy. There is a lovely backyard patio that is often enjoyed by the residents.

The owners of the facility, Dekki Mawikere and Joulanda Mawikere, monitor the staff and the patients well. I receive frequent text message and/or pictures related to my mother and her activities. I am able to see how the residents are gathered around the table at mealtimes and what their meals looks like. I also receive pictures that show how the residents are not only enjoying fresh air, but also how they are exercising to strengthen their bodies.

I have been overall pleased with the RCFE Terrace Gardens. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Debbie Gonzalez

April 21, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

My brother, Clevridge R. Sinclair moved in at Terrace Gardens one year ago. It was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Dekki Jonas and his staff have provided him with an environment that he is very comfortable in. Dekki is very attentive to my brother’s needs and he makes sure that he gets a nutritious diet and also has an exercise program for Clevridge Sinclair and the other residents.

Each individual has a care plan for his needs which I find very satisfactory.

The staff is to be commended. They all work very hard to maintain the high standards at Terrace Gardens.

I am the POA of Health for Clevridge Sinclair and Dekki Jonas keeps me informed with everything that takes place with my brother and updates me as necessary. He is very kind and on occasion will send me pictures that I enjoy as I have seen the tremendous progress my brother has made since living at Terrace Gardens. If not for Dekki, I don’t know how my brother would have progressed so well.

All the feedback I get when friends visit Clevridge is very positive. They tell me that the place is impeccable and very pleasant when they visit.

I would highly recommend this place if a loved one wants to feel secure when a relative needs excellent care.

Yours truly,
Vilma E. Sinclair

May 2, 2017

To Whom This May Concern:

Feb 2016 changed my life for good. It was difficult to find a care provider for my mother Eva De Santos. However, my brother and I happened to find Terrace Gardens a Residential Care Facility of the Elderly. This spacious home included a beautiful outside patio, resident rooms, a dining room, entertainment center and a shower room that was transformed for the residents.

Mr. Dekki/Administrator cares for my mother like family. My mother has lived at Terrace Gardens for over a year and has in proved in her health. Mr. Dekki has provided a nutritious diet for her, monitoring her for other issues that can occur. He also provides an exercise session every morning for my mother. She actually loves telling me about it! He’s a conscientious administrator making sure that his staff is following all rules and regulations. On occasion, I’ve heard him reminding staff what he expects for a safe and caring environment. Mr. Dekki has proven to my family and me that he is an exceptional caring man. He’s hard working, a holy man and also provides care outside of the facility caring for others.

My family over the year enjoys visiting my mother. The comments have been positive and up lifting, and mentoring that my mother is definitely in good spirits.

My mother is eighty six now and has improved tremendously over the year. She has made Terrace Gardens her home. My family and I are pleased and we look forward to another year for care at Terrace Gardens.

I have shared this facility to others and highly recommended it for their love ones.

Linda De Santos