How Can Your Senior Loved Exercise?


One of the biggest aspects of personal care is disease prevention. Avoiding the risk of disease development is essentially a pillar of maintaining strong health.

As we provide elderly care in California, we sometimes witness how getting exercise is a problem for many seniors. A lack of exercise can weaken many of their bodily systems and hasten their physical decline. What can be done to help your senior loved ones exercise?

  • Engaging Hobbies 

    Having a good hobby can be good for us mentally. These activities relieve stress, which helps you take care of your mental health.

    Furthermore, performing hobbies can also be physically demanding to some degree. Activities such as gardening, dancing, and swimming are great for keeping seniors physically engaged. Of course, if your loved ones have trouble performing some of these hobbies, you can work with skilled caregivers for assistance.

  • Regular Walks 

    Walking is one of the best activities for people of all ages. But this activity is suited for seniors because of how easy it is to do.

    Your senior loved ones can control their weight better through regular walking. This activity will also strengthen vital organs like the lungs and heart. And because it is almost effortless to do, this can be integrated into your loved one’s routine.

  • Morning Stretching 

    Morning stretching helps seniors prepare for their morning routine. This activity makes them more efficient with their movements. Of course, stretching can be done with little to no effort, making it ideal for seniors who have mobility issues.

Let us help your loved ones stay active here at Terrace Gardens. Our adult facility in Grand Terrace, California, will help meet all your needs efficiently, helping you live a better life. Call us today for your inquiries!

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