Improving Your Elderly’s Bodily Metabolic Processes

improving-your-elderlys-bodily-metabolic-processesThe chemical processes our body undergoes to sustain itself, commonly referred to as metabolism, is, unfortunately, slowing down as we age. Not doing any physical activity, excessive stress, medications, fluctuations in hormone levels, and unhealthy eating habits are contributors as well.

To maintain your metabolic processes in good condition for a longer period, especially for seniors, our senior care facility recommends:

  • Consumption of foods rich in Vitamin D, such as eggs and salmon. They can also get this specific vitamin by having themselves exposed to sunlight. Too much heat is bad for their health though.
  • Doing light exercises to improve their blood flow and burn unnecessary body fats due to excessive calorie intake. Our skilled caregivers will guide them in doing so to avoid accidents.
  • Hydration to develop resistance to too much food.
  • Right amount of sleep to prevent getting pestered by hunger hormones.

You must religiously follow the abovementioned tips to notice the positive effects. We understand that old age might be a hindrance. So, Terrace Gardens, your elderly care in California, is here to patiently guide you in mastering this routine.

We will help your loved ones to achieve a healthy and strong body while ensuring that they are away from danger or harm during the process and that their personal care needs are met. If you entrust their welfare to us, we assure you they’ll live motivated and fulfilled lives through the personalized care programs we offer in our facility.

Partner with our adult facility in Grand Terrace, California, today! Contact us.

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