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How Can Your Senior Loved Exercise?

One of the biggest aspects of personal care is disease prevention. Avoiding the risk of disease development is essentially a pillar of maintaining strong health. As we provide elderly care in California, we sometimes witness how getting exercise is a...

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Meeting All of Your Loved One’s Needs

There are times when we are unable to meet the different needs of our loved ones at home. As such, it is important to find people who can help you in doing so. That is where we at Terrace Gardens … Read More ›


Boarding Care in California

Are you a senior who requires assisted living, but not 24/7 nursing care? Are you looking for a cozy adult facility in California that houses only a small number of residents? A boarding care home may be what you are … Read More ›


Respite Care in California

Finding the right caregiver to take care of seniors is a hard endeavor, especially when that senior requires round-the-clock personal care. That is why when you do find the right person for the job, you should make sure they are … Read More ›