Assisted Living Community in Grand Terrace, California


How Older Adults Benefit from Low-Impact Exercises

Regardless of age, getting enough exercise is important to our health. For older adults, however, physical limitations can make it challenging to perform exercises and workouts. With low-impact exercises, seniors can reap the benefits of regular phys...

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Effective Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy This Winter

Winter and the upcoming holidays can be challenging for older adults to stay in good health. They not only battle cold weather but are also at a higher risk of illness. To address this, our staff offer assistance with personal … Read More ›


Stress Management Tips for Your Golden Years

Stress is a part of life at any stage including our golden years. When we are younger, we usually get stressed due to our careers and personal lives. As we get older, however, there are still stressful situations we may … Read More ›


Signs It’s Time to Move to an Adult Care Facility

As our parents age, many of us typically try to take care of them for as long as possible. However, there comes a time when seeking additional help is necessary to look after their health and safety. When this task … Read More ›


What to Expect When You Choose Terrace Gardens

We are excited to meet your senior loved ones and welcome them into our family. Here are the specifics of what you can expect from our elderly care in Grand Terrace, California: Family-like environment At Terrace Gardens, we consider our … Read More ›


Ways You Can Help Your Mom and Dad Make their Big...

The transition from their home to their preferred care setting can be so overwhelming that it may feel like the biggest challenge is done. But the difficult conversation and the convincing, if you had to, is not all there is … Read More ›