Staying Protected Amidst the Pandemic

staying-protected-amidst-the-pandemicThis dreaded COVID-19 virus has affected millions around the globe. And while we may be accustomed to the “new normal,” you should not let your guard down just yet. After all, your health is your most valuable asset! And did you know seniors are more at risk of the COVID-19 virus due to having a weaker immune system? This is why staying protected is a must!

Keep yourself protected and away from the virus’ reach by:

  • Practicing Good Hygiene.

    Personal care such as maintaining good hygiene and frequent handwashing eradicate bacteria, germs, and viruses on your hands and body, making them an excellent way to reduce your risks of contracting illnesses and prevent you from spreading them to others.

  • Wearing Your Masks.

    Face masks provide adequate protection against airborne viruses. Some of these masks even have antibacterial filters that can filter out the air you breathe.

  • Staying Healthy.

    A healthy body has a strong and resilient immune system. A strong immune system increases your defense against illnesses and decreases your risk of infection.

Amidst this pandemic, gain peace of mind that you or your senior loved one is away from the dreaded virus’ reach at Terrace Gardens, the state-of-the-art adult facility in Grand Terrace, California, that provides elderly assistance and compassionate care to seniors. And yes, our facilities are always well-disinfected and COVID-19-free!

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