Benefits of Senior Community Living on Mental Health

benefits-of-senior-community-living-on-mental-healthOur adult facility in Grand Terrace, California, is not just for adults who require physical health care and aid with daily tasks. Being a part of a senior care facility can also help those you care about maintain their mental health. Isolation, despair, and anxiety are particularly common among the elderly.

Our assisted living community is designed to keep residents healthy on all levels: physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Here are a few ways we believe senior community living might help with mental health:

  • Social Opportunities

    Our residents at Terrace Gardens enjoy group activities, events, clubs, outings, and bonding over meals in the dining room and ice cream parlor, all of which are excellent opportunities for socializing and making new friends.

  • Brain Boosting and Creativity Activities

    According to scientific evidence, engaging in creative or mentally stimulating activities can help improve mood and slow cognitive decline in seniors. We have access to a library on-site, a book club, a writing group, arts and crafts programs, music events, and other activities.

  • Safe Community

    Mobility assistance, medication management, mealtime, personal care, and 24/7 access to on-call emergency services are all available to our residents. To keep intruders out, our courtyard is likewise enclosed. This boost in safety can help calm the thoughts of anxious seniors.

  • Health and Wellness Programs

    Healthy eating and physical activity habits are extremely beneficial to both physical and mental health. Our meal and snack selection are delicious, varied, and tailored to daily dietary needs.

Our facility is intended to promote important mental health pillars such as independence, personal identity, friendship, and self-confidence. Our skilled caregivers are also specifically trained in dementia care and Alzheimer’s care.

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