Strategies to Help Seniors Improve Their Mobility


Many seniors require elderly assistance because of mobility constraints, chronic pain, and balance problems. These issues can increase the risks of falls, injuries, isolation, and inactivity. Here are a few strategies to help seniors improve their overall mobility, balance, and coordination:

  • Physical Therapy Services

    Physical therapists can tailor a personalized exercise program for seniors to help address health issues that cause mobility limitations. These exercises also help improve their strength and health, reducing the risks of chronic conditions and unwanted weight gain. Hiring skilled caregivers can also assist seniors with activities to help them promote their health.

  • Make Smarter Eating Choices

    Excess weight or obesity can cause joint pain and other issues that lead to movement constraints. Seniors can prevent unwanted weight gain by making smarter choices and following mindful eating practices. Facilities like our adult facility in California also help seniors with meals to avoid unwanted weight gain and nutrient deficiencies.

  • Move More

    Physical or recreational activities help seniors maintain good joint, bone, and muscle health, reducing the risks of mobility constraints. Seniors can stay active by regularly walking, doing stretching exercises, dancing, and swimming. Our personal care in California can assist your elderly loved ones with self-care activities to help them get ready to enjoy recreational activities with loved ones.

For more information about assisted living and our elderly care in Grand Terrace, California, please call Terrace Gardens at 909-824-8126. Our healthcare services help your elderly loved ones address movement issues to prevent falls and promote their health and well-being.


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