Meal Planning Tips for Picky Seniors


Meal planning has different dynamics for seniors. Their bodies require specific types of nutrients as they age. However, due to the changes they experience brought about by aging, it can be challenging to create a meal plan for them! Here is a guide below to help you:

  • Come up with a list
    Write down a list, and remember to keep it simple! Note all the essential nutrients for seniors, including protein, carbohydrates, whole wheat, and other dietary needs their physician may suggest. If you need assistance, hiring a caregiver to provide personal care in California is a good choice!
  • Stock up on your groceries
    Groceries can be challenging, especially for seniors with mobility issues. Fortunately, caregivers at an adult facility in California can help with this! There are also grocery delivery services available, allowing you to get fresh food without going out and leaving your home.
  • Cook your meals as often as possible
    When providing elderly care in Grand Terrace, California, cook your loved one’s meals as often as possible! This way, you are guaranteed they only eat nutritious meals that comply with their dietary requirements. In short, the whole purpose of meal planning is to make it easier for you when you decide to cook healthy meals for your seniors!

Terrace Gardens is your partner in a holistic approach to caring for and supporting your loved ones. We focus on their overall wellness and continuity of health through our services, such as respite care, meal planning and preparation, bathing assistance, assistance with dressing, and many more. Connect with us today for more information about our services.


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