Stress Management Tips for Your Golden Years


Stress is a part of life at any stage including our golden years. When we are younger, we usually get stressed due to our careers and personal lives. As we get older, however, there are still stressful situations we may face. This may include coping with loss or worrying about a possible decline in our health and independence.

As your trusted provider of elderly care in Grand Terrace, California, we will share a few stress management tips for older adults:

  • Determine your stressors
    To manage stress, it is necessary to determine what is causing stress in the first place. By pinpointing the root of your stress, you can figure out ways to manage or eliminate it. Whenever you feel stressed, write it down or talk to someone you trust and think of ways to get past it.
  • Maintain healthy relationships
    Family members, friends, and your care team are people that you can lean on during difficult times. Whenever you feel stressed, sharing your feelings and talking about them with others may sometimes ease some of the pressure you are feeling. In addition to personal care, our staff is always available to lend a listening ear and a helping hand.
  • Lead an active lifestyle
    Regular exercise offers several benefits including increased lung capacity, enhanced bone density, and overall longevity. Additionally, exercise can help reduce stress levels and enhance one’s mood. Aside from boarding care, we also offer exercise programs for our residents.

Terrace Gardens is an established adult facility in California. From meal preparation to exercise programs, we offer several services in a warm, loving home atmosphere to ensure comfort for our residents. Feel free to give us a call or set an appointment online to arrange a consultation with our staff.

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