How Older Adults Benefit from Low-Impact Exercises


Regardless of age, getting enough exercise is important to our health. For older adults, however, physical limitations can make it challenging to perform exercises and workouts. With low-impact exercises, seniors can reap the benefits of regular physical activity and stay physically fit. In addition to personal care, our staff can assist with regular exercise to ensure your elderly loved one’s needs are met:

As an adult facility in California, we will discuss how seniors can benefit from low-impact workouts:

  • Healthy Weight Management
    Seniors who transitioned from an active lifestyle to a mostly sedentary lifestyle tend to experience gradual weight gain. This can lead to serious health issues or worsen existing conditions. With low-impact workouts and dietary adjustments, seniors can maintain a healthy weight.
  • Better Cardiovascular Health
    It’s no secret that our elders are at a greater risk for cardiovascular issues. In addition to respite care, our staff can assist with exercise to improve heart health. Low-impact exercises can add some cardio to their daily routine to lower the risk of heart disease. Meanwhile, seniors who have been diagnosed with heart disease can benefit from doctor-approved exercise.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury
    Many of our elders tend to spend their days sitting down without much physical activity. However, a sedentary lifestyle can decrease mobility and increase the risk of injury. By engaging in low-impact exercises, they reduce the risk of injury while improving mobility, balance, and coordination.

Terrace Gardens is your reliable provider of elderly care in Grand Terrace, California. To ensure our residents get enough exercise, our staff regularly offers transfer assistance and aids with exercise programs to ensure safety and good health. Set an appointment with us to arrange a consultation for your elderly loved one.

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