Effective Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy This Winter


Winter and the upcoming holidays can be challenging for older adults to stay in good health. They not only battle cold weather but are also at a higher risk of illness. To address this, our staff offer assistance with personal care and other daily tasks to keep them healthy. Aside from that, it is equally important to be more mindful and to take proactive steps to stay in good health.

As an established adult facility in California, we have prepared a few tips that can help facilitate good health for seniors this winter:

  • Dress appropriately for the weather.
    Our elders are at a greater risk of hypothermia this winter. Hence, it is important to dress appropriately for the weather. This includes wearing the right footwear that is non-slip and warm. It is also advisable to dress in layers to help seniors stay comfortable throughout the cold season.
  • Add exercise to their routine.
    Exercise can be challenging in the winter but with indoor exercises, seniors can still get enough physical activity during the day. In boarding care, seniors receive assistance with exercise to help regulate body heat without compromising their safety.
  • Be mindful about their diet.
    It can be easy to slip into unhealthy eating habits during the holidays. To prevent this, avoid skipping breakfast and prepare healthy meals. Maintaining a well-balanced diet will make seniors more resilient and can help them regulate their body heat.

Terrace Gardens is a trusted provider of elderly care in Grand Terrace, California. Our goal is to make your loved one’s golden years more meaningful and enjoyable. That is why we offer several services like transfer assistance and exercise programs to ensure optimal health. Reach out to us to learn more about our services and amenities.

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