What to Expect When You Choose Terrace Gardens


We are excited to meet your senior loved ones and welcome them into our family. Here are the specifics of what you can expect from our elderly care in Grand Terrace, California:

  • Family-like environment
    At Terrace Gardens, we consider our adult facility in California to be everyone’s second home.

    Thus, like how any family would, we make sure that each resident feels safe, comfortable, and loved with us.

  • Holistic and personalized services
    We recognize that every senior individual in our care is special and unique. Thus, we make sure that we deliver their personal care needs and other care requirements always with an empathetic ear and an open mind to their uniqueness and progression.

    Moreover, we also make sure that we can satisfactorily attend to their emotional, physical, social, and even spiritual needs true to our holistic view of how care must be.

  • A strong code of ethics
    Your loved one’s stay with us is not just a temporary respite care placement. That is why we are proud of the strong ethical foundation that makes up our care facility.

    With a strong code of ethics, you can rest assured that your loved one’s right and dignity not only as residents, but as individuals, will be held up in high regard.

Move in soon! For more information about our care facility and what more we can do for your family and your senior loved one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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