Benefits Seniors Get in Our Aging Facility


We designed Terrace Gardens as a place where seniors can stay independent in ways that they prefer while keeping a healthy social relationship with other people, especially other seniors. Our Elderly Care in Grand Terrace, California, is a well-established provider of care for your senior loved ones. Here are some of the many benefits seniors get in our congregate facility.

Seniors will be able to keep their independence and enjoy the privacy they want in our Adult Facility in California. While we have the right number of caregivers and healthcare professionals who can ensure to provide hands-on care to every senior in our facility, we also make sure that our senior residents don’t lose touch of their sense of independence by allowing them to participate in their care needs.

Seniors can enjoy doing different activities and programs with people their age and socializing.

There is no dull day in our facility since seniors can do the things that they are interested in doing. We have a wide range of programs that seniors can try. Their Personal Care will be catered to each day.

We also have Boarding Care services if you are looking for a temporary home for your senior loved ones before finalizing the living arrangements that they will be having that is long-term.

Our agency also provides quality Respite Care. If you want to avail of our services, please give our lines a call.

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