A Place for Seniors That is Filled With Happiness


Seniors need to live in an environment where they can freely do the things that spark their interests and keep them busy. At Terrace Gardens, a trusted provider of Elderly Care in Grand Terrace, California, we offer many recreational activities that can keep each senior patient in our care well-entertained every day.

We can guarantee each client that their senior loved ones will less likely feel bored because we have warm, friendly, and entertaining caregivers who are with them at all times providing Personal Care and other care services.

We encourage each senior in our Adult Facility in California to participate in one of the recreational activities we have that gets their interest. Not only that, but they can join multiple activities too, as long as they want to do so. We have arts and crafts, music, game time, movie night, and many more.

Also, one way to keep seniors happy and feel loved is hosting their birthday party here, with the company of their other senior friends, and care providers. Seniors can have a long-term or temporary stay in our Boarding Care.

We extend our care services by making Respite Care available for all caregivers out there. If you want to know more, please give our lines a call.

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